Quoddy Headlight

It’s been over a year since I’ve updated with any news, written a new article or created a video, or basically had any communication at all.

It’s warming, and a little reassuring, that some of you have noticed my absence. Thanks! I’m not really sure what to say… I won’t lie—no, things have not been good. Lots of major life changes. At the same time, I’m also not going to get into any details. For now, just know that I’m fine. Writing is a lifelong pursuit for me, content creation is a compulsion, and at some point I will pick up where I left off.

The Ballad of Stevie Pearl is still very much a real thing. In fact, it’s finished and just sitting here. The novel has been completed, edited, all of the artwork and release materials are ready to go… I just can’t bring myself to put it out into the world yet. This has nothing to do with the quality or my love for the story, the time just isn’t right in my head and heart. If you *must* have a copy, send an email I’ll probably reply back with a digital version.

Just because the website hasn’t seen any action, that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped writing entirely. I’ve written lots and lots over the last few months. One day I’ll find a way to compile it all into something interesting for you to read. As far as fiction, I’m between novels at the moment. My plan was to begin book 2 of the The Final Book trilogy, but that’s quite the undertaking that I just can’t devote to at the moment. There’s also several other really really good ideas I’ve been chewing on — it will all happen in due time.

So, this is basically a hello and sending a smoke signal into the world letting you know that I’m okay. Below are some photos from my zigzag wanderings across the country.


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SW Hammond
It’s been over a year since I’ve updated with any news, written a new article or created a video, or basically had any communication at all....
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