The Final Book: Gods.

Mythology. Blasphemy. Transcendence.

"SW Hammond's debut novel is an epic story with exquisite prose and the depth and scope of meticulous research." –SA Schlueter

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Interview: Behind the Scenes of "The Final Book"

The Final Book: Gods

Jaidis Shaw of Juniper Groove Books fires off a few questions about The Final Book: Gods–from favorite characters to who would play the leads in a movie–and then things get random.

Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.

It will force you to contemplate your own life and either reinforce, or contradict, everything you hold to be sacred—we need more of those uncomfortable thoughts in our society.

Who was your favorite character to write and why?

Pom Hork. I really enjoyed writing this character as she’s incredibly powerful, confident, and sultry while at the same time has these deep undertones of uncontrollable rage and jealousy. She has matured in recent years—earnestly committed to improving herself and transcending beyond her temper, though it’s a constant inner battle. You can feel her teeth grinding while “doing the right thing”—she’s trying so hard to lead by example. However, when William pushes her a little too far, hell hath no fury…

Have you experimented writing in other genres? If so, which one(s)?

My first book was a compilation of personal essays that were based around music, movies, and tv shows. Kind of like a memoir, but you didn’t really need to be interested in or care about my life to get something from it. The Final Book is straight up supernatural, sci-fi, fantasy—it’s much different than anything else I’ve written, but I really tried to ground it in history and philosophy. Doing so added a sense realism to the mythology—bring the Gods down to earth.

Right now I’m working on this super-sugary bubblegum-poppy LA-starlet-meets-starving-artist love story… with a devastating twist. I love it and I’m super excited for it. My writing is all over the place—and I like that.

Do any of your characters have qualities/characteristics that are similar to yourself?

Everyone thinks that I’m Josh—I didn’t realize I had so many Dionysian tendencies, haha. Yes, I put a lot of myself into Josh just because we have a similar profile—I know what it feels like to be disenchanted with society, single, and looking for a bit more meaning. However, Josh is playing up big stereotypes that represent who his character is really based off of—and that should not be confused with me, haha.

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Upcoming Events – Fall 2017

The Final Book: Gods

Comic Cons & Book Fest!

Hey, hey! I had a great time at the Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con a couple of weeks ago and met so many fantastic people. I was lucky to get placed next to fellow author, Natalie Wright; she made the weekend so much fun. Also, Alex and Riney Whisenand made me the coolest sketch of Max and Chloe from Life Is Strange—I keep it on my desk and it makes me happy, haha.

With that, the shows will continue. I currently have four events booked for this fall, with the possibility of adding a couple more. If you’re in the area, please come out and say hi—I’d love the chance to hangout for a bit.

I just placed an order for some fancy schmancy new buttons that I’ll be giving away along with the bookmarks. Also, and I’m really excited about this, finally a batch of hardcover coffee table versions of The Mixtape Manifesto: A Pop Culture Confessional will be available! Pick that up along with a copy of The Final Book: Gods and i luv you long time.

Interview: Gods & The Writing Process

book with architecture

SW Hammond talks with Amber Stoke about the creative process behind The Final Book: Gods, favorite characters, and the future of the trilogy.

What was the inspiration for your story?

The idea for The Final Book came to me as I was digging fencepost holes in Colorado Springs. I had a lot of time to myself, digging hole after hole by hand in an empty field. Anyone who has been to Colorado Springs knows that you can't escape the shadow of Pikes Peak--the mountain is enormous, majestic, and inspiring. While peaceful and sunny in the middle of town, you can watch storms come in over the top of its peak, the wind blowing snow for miles out into the sky. It seemed to me that if moody ol' Zeus were ever to leave Mount Olympus, this would be his peak of choice. Frustrated, sweating, and barely scratching away at the dirt, my mind became lost in a fantastic tale of the Gods living right above the city.

What kept you going throughout the writing process?

This is a good question because it was a chore. The book took six years to write. My work-life became really demanding about a month after I started and I was always on the road—it made it really hard to find a consistent writing schedule or a conducive environment for creativity.

The biggest thing that kept me going was that I truly love these characters—it makes me so happy when I think about them. Serious. It’s weird, but I adore them. I’d also have these moments of vivid imagination where I’d see the story so clearly—I knew I had to try to do it justice and give it life. Lastly, the book was a big chip on my shoulder. It seems I start a lot of things in life, but never finish them, haha. I really didn’t want that to happen to this book—I wanted to finish something. It took a lot of sacrifice—I had to consciously choose to work on the book over meeting friends for dinner, spending time with family, enjoying favorite tv shows and movies, etc. Of course there’s a sense of balance and you can still have a life—but at some point the book has to come first in order to finish it.

Who is your most meaningful character and why?

Oooo, this is hard… Gods is a team effort. While you’ll quickly realize who the story is centralized around, the book doesn’t have a clear “primary” protagonist. Dr. Hork is probably the most meaningful character, as everything begins and ends with him (*think about the title, hint hint*), but Ana might be my favorite character. She doesn’t have a lot of real estate in the book, but she’s important to me—I just love her spirit and attitude.

I think a lot people would assume that I’d choose Josh as my favorite character—but in all honesty, I look at him as a vehicle that gives life to all the others. He’s needed to allow everyone else to shine.

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Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con - June 23, 24, 25

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

Artist Alley–Booth A73

One of the happiest days of the year—comic con! Swing by my booth and say hi!

I’ll be taking high quality photos of fabulous cosplayers and posting them on Instagram and my site. I'm also stoked to talk about all things nerd and geek–emphasis on storytelling (bonus points for anything The OA or Life Is Strange!). Finally, and I suppose most importantly, I'll be selling and signing hardcover and paperback copies of my new novel The Final Book: Gods!

It'd mean the world if you picked up a copy of my book–hopefully next year we'll see Ana, Josh, William and Pom running around the convention floor, haha.

Excited to have fun with everyone! Click for show information and to purchase tickets.

Release Day! The Final Book: Gods

The Final Book: Gods - Out Today!

Hardcover, Paperback, and Digital!

Today is the big day–the release of my novel The Final Book: Gods! Available in hardcover, paperback, and digital versions from all major online retailers–order today. Please help spread the word and leave reviews!

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Multi-cultural, multi-historical, and spanning man's faith across time, The Final Book is a controversial and blasphemous last chapter of humanity.

In the beginning there was love. The Goddess of Life in an elated romance with a beloved mortal. Her sister killed him. Their combined actions ripping a hole in destiny and plaguing mankind with an age of unprecedented corruption, vicious holy wars, and religious absolution.

Though long forgotten by the mortals they serve, Zeus and his Pantheon continue to foster and protect mankind which is tearing itself apart—but even God isn't infallible. After failed diplomacy, the King of the Gods is left with no choice but to take the persona of a modern man—the famed genetic scientist Dr. Hork. In an effort to preserve the future by reshaping the past, Dr. Hork uses Project Genesis—the transfer of consciousness—to send subjects back in time. However, not without devastating failures. Subjects of the experiment wreak havoc upon humanity until a familiar character is reborn to correct the course.

Reincarnated and ready to fulfill his true destiny, Joshua Bach is the catalyst the Gods have been waiting for—and Dr. Hork’s final beacon of salvation. Ferociously idealistic, the free-spirited young man struggles to come-of-age in a time and society ruled by money and corruption. Under the wing of the Gods, Josh rediscovers his purpose, along with a love that can only be considered timeless.

Set in three periods—modern day, the 1960s, and ancient Mesopotamia—this epic blends human history, ruthless mythology, science fiction, and the supernatural to tell a love story of the future.

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