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The world’s most successful and celebrated pop star. A Native American making a name for himself in LA. The two collide in a tattered love story.
"My favorite part of this book was getting to know all these characters. None of them felt out of place or forgettable. I loved how the author was able to ascribe very distinct personalities to all of them. I laughed with them, I cried with them; I really felt like I was a member of their friend group." –Samantha K, Goodreads


Stevie Pearl is the biggest pop star on the planet. Her earnest Texan roots blend with California idealism to construct a force never before seen in the entertainment industry. The attention surrounding America’s sweetheart is absolute pandemonium, and after a decade of the limelight, her stardom is beginning to feel like a prison.

Alex Nopah is an illustrator. The graphic novel he draws for is budding into a super-franchise. Hired as a consultant for the new motion picture, Alex is introduced to Hollywood and the woman that will forever change his life. Born on a reservation, Alex’s unshakable upbringing polarizes the wealth and attitude of LA and the new life he’s constructed for himself.

THE BALLAD OF STEVIE PEARL presents itself as a sugary-sweet tale of a young woman crossed between the bubblegum pop of Taylor Swift and glamor of the Kardashian’s. Breakups, drama, and paparazzi act as a smokescreen, shadowing the true genius behind an empire and a powerful businesswoman taking command of her career.

Faced with corruption, collusion, and greed within her own organization—juxtaposed against racism, sexism, and classism within society—much like Stevie Pearl, the story’s teeth sink deeper into the mind than its glossy exterior.

The novel is supported by a humorous and entertaining ensemble of characters, breathing life and stirring a powerful connection between you, Alex, and Stevie.

This unexpected tragedy reads as a quirky romantic comedy up until its final pages, combining pop culture references, witty dialog, and a poignant soundtrack for each chapter. The diverse character selection and provocative undertones makes THE BALLAD OF STEVIE PEARL a modern fish-out-of-water tangled with Romeo and Juliet.

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Available Valentine's Day 2024. Request advance review copies now.

Print. Digital. Audio.

Available Valentine's Day 2024. Request advance review copies now.
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What Readers Are Saying About
Stevie Pearl

Laura Potts

"This was a lot darker than I thought it was going to be. It was also such a heart-breaking story that can be linked to both celebrities and so many people around the world.

I also loved how you can connect to these characters. Although they are celebrities and have the hardships that come with fame, there's also simple sweet moments of friendship and falling in love which are nice to read. The Ballad of Stevie Pearl hits you with the rawness of life, reminding you that anybody can get hurt."


Samantha K.

This book is an emulation of life itself. It reminded me a lot of the tv show Bojack Horseman: silly and fun at times in the life of celebrities, with darkness lurking just beneath.

Even though these characters are completely at odds with my personal life, I was still able to connect with them. From dealing with everyday problems such as the awkwardness of going on a blind date and finding time to see your parents, to dealing with global issues like sexism and racism, I was rooting for them from the start.

I especially loved the scene where Alex met a fan in the bookstore and learned how much he impacted her life. As a fan of many things, I understood how emotional it was for her to meet someone she looked up to and be able to tell him what he meant to her. Alex's genuine response made me feel validated in that, and celebrities can care for their fans on a personal level.

I knew something bad was waiting for me at the end, but I never expected the turn it would take. This book, and the ending scene in particular, will stick with me for some time.


Christina V.

This is my very first ARC review and I could not be more happy! The chapter names are all song titles and the singer and it is awesome. I found myself looking forward to what the next chapter name would be. We start with a Taylor Swift song and range anywhere between The Ramones, No Doubt, Bob Seger and more. This was a really fun part of the book!

Even though the characters are in Hollywood I could easily relate to them and was rooting for them the whole time and I really like the writing style being conversation based. The story shows the sacrifices to achieve fame and it was interesting to see the different facets of making art through music and film.

I also very much love the attention and information given on Native Americans in the US. My good friend grew up close to a reservation in Arizona and the poverty, drug use and fatalities were unbearable. They didn't have proper resources for food, education, safety, etc and lost so many young adults before they even had a chance to fight for a better life.


Megan B.

Stevie and Alex…ugh! This story, this romance, this STORY! Totally captivating, lovely, all consuming - I loved it!

I totally recommend this one.


Cheryl S.

Wow, this book was quite a ride. The way the book started gave me the idea that it would go a certain way. When the book ended I was glad it didn't but also heartbroken by it all.

Stevie and Alex were an unlikely couple that completely captured my heart. Stevie might've been a world famous singer/musician but she was an honest, loving woman who just wanted freedom. Alex might've been an artist from the wrong side of the tracks but man, he's the type of guy you want your daughter to meet and marry.

The side characters, particularly Franklin and Celeste were such wonderful people to learn about. Stevie was often lonely but with her chosen family she had the best of it all.

I'd definitely recommend this book!!


Ashley G.

I loved the characters, both were written with complex and beautiful depth and had flaws that make them perfectly relatable and human. Their relationship is a classic, big star with someone who hadn’t previously been subjected to true spotlight.

The writing in this is beautiful, full of vivid description and immersive dialogue. The characters were well-crafted and I felt that it dealt with inequality and the injustice Alex faced very well and in a respectful manner.


Lea C.

This book is the story of female pop singer Stevie Pearl - think Taylor Swift type, who falls for a graphic artist, Alex Nopah, who is American Indian. The story is fast paced, as they meet and fall for each other.

There are a number of engaging characters -Celeste, who is both Stevie Pearl's best friend and a friend to Alex Nopah, Franklin, Stevie's body guard and Alex's family - his mom, grandmother, and brother Charlie.

On the one hand, the story is a frothy tale of two people who are from vary different worlds meeting and falling in love. On the other hand, it is a story of racism, fear, and corruption in the music industry. I do not want to give any spoilers, but I did not like the ending. I really liked the first 2/3 of the book, but not the end.

However, it is a good book and one that I will not be able to get out of my head for a long time. Thank you SW Hammond for writing it.


Tracy B.

The characters are lovable and easy to relate to. I was truly rooting for them throughout the book.

The end made me an absolute mess. Usually a sucker for a happily ever after, I was so mad and sad! It wasn't supposed to end like this!! 😥


Gail E.

The story itself was interesting and quite thought provoking, very much highlighting the sacrifices that have to be made in the pursuit of fame – something that the younger YouTube / TikTok generation could bear in mind. All that glisters is not gold!

On the whole the characters were quite likeable and provided real food for thought when exposing the appalling treatment of the Native Americans.

Without any spoilers, the ending broke me – leaving me devastated and watery eyed.

A big thank you to SW Hammond, the publishers, and NetGalley for my advance copy.


Mary M.

Well, this started incredibly well when the prologue was called “Wildest Dreams, Taylor Swift”. I would just like to say I am here for authors naming their chapters - let’s bring that back.

This novel follows Stevie Pearl, the IT girl of the music industry, she’s everywhere, on everything and doesn’t have a spare moment to think. Enter stage right, Alex Nopah - a Native American trying to make a name for himself transitioning from graphic novel creation to film.

And then we find ourselves going through the Stevie and Alex story. The corruption, collusion in the music industry, the continued societal and class differences and how it’s still such an issue. There was a bit of Daisy Jones & The Six vibe to this and I did enjoy it up until a point. The last few chapters? Nope, no no no no no no. This story did not need to go there and it did and I’m sad about it. I’ll leave it to you though.

I did appreciate the track names as chapters though and it made me listen to these songs whilst reading so that was fun.


Fiona Y.

I really wanted to love the novel. It definately has the Daisy Jones vibes. We feel for Stevie and she is a good bit Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus – a large part of a business machine that creates her and controls everything.

However, Stevie is intelligent, and Alex attractive and famous in his own right – so what could go wrong?

Well, I came away feeling I never saw that coming. And then the beginning made sense – the Oprah/Ellen moment.

This novel may not be for everyone. I don't think it was all for me, but I definately came away wondering about Stevie and how she is now getting along.


A modern fish-out-of-water tangled with Romeo & Juliet.