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The world’s most successful and celebrated pop star. A Native American making a name for himself in LA. The two collide in a tattered love story.


Sean William Hammond is an author and content creator. Here you'll find his books, news, live events, and web store.

If you dig deeper, there's about 20 years worth of articles, videos, pictures, and creative failures. Gross, I know...

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Music, baseball, travel, and adventures – SWH took a few photos along the way.


From time to time, SWH can be found at comic cons, book festivals, pop culture events, and local bookstores.

The Experiences

Unique, highly visual, immersive digital experiences crafted just for you.

The Mind




Samantha K.

This book is an emulation of life itself. It reminded me a lot of the tv show Bojack Horseman: silly and fun at times in the life of celebrities, with darkness lurking just beneath.

I knew something bad was waiting for me at the end, but I never expected the turn it would take. This book, and the ending scene in particular, will stick with me for some time.

James Cox

An original and deftly crafted novel that is an impressively engaging and consistently compelling read from cover to cover.

A truly epic and skillfully written saga that will linger in the mind, memory and imagination long after the book is finished. Simply stated, The Final Book: Gods is unreservedly recommended

Laura P.

It was such a heart-breaking story that can be linked to so many people around the world, I loved how you can connect to these characters.

Although they are celebrities and have the hardships that come with fame, there's also simple sweet moments of friendship and falling in love which are nice to read. The Ballad of Stevie Pearl hits you with the rawness of life.

Ruth Longoria

This book was completely refreshing and unexpected. It blended a little bit of everything from sci-fi to mythology and fantasy.

It got me rethinking the Greek pantheon and everything I've known about the origins of Christianity. This is the first time I've read anything with references to Sumerian mythology in it nd I really appreciated that. Will recommend!

Tracy B.

The characters are lovable and easy to relate to. I was truly rooting for them throughout the book.

The end made me an absolute mess. Usually a sucker for a happily ever after, I was so mad and sad! It wasn't supposed to end like this!! 😥

Lisa B.

I don't think I expected it to read quite like it did. It was a truly honest book. Hammond has literally bled every thought on to the page.

Sean Bryne

At its heart, The Final Book: Gods takes a very interesting view of religious development and as a result has a strong message to put forward. Should readers be able to get beyond this ‘controversial’ theme they will find an extremely well written tome that certainly deserves a place on any bookshelf.

Megan B.

Stevie and Alex…ugh! This story, this romance, this STORY! Totally captivating, lovely, all consuming - I loved it! I totally recommend this one.

SA Schlueter

The mingling of Titans, Gods, and mortals; threads time, souls, faiths, myths and legends. SW Hammond's debut novel is an epic story with exquisite prose and the depth and scope of meticulous research.


Hammond's book comprises very short essays on different topics. How attractive he is. How he's never had to work to get girl's numbers. How it's a hard life having to go to parties and get drunk for a living.

He spends his time wondering if there will ever be a significant other in his life but honestly she'd struggle to get past his own ego.

Melissa Green

This book does not disappoint!! Characters are well developed and very enjoyable. I found myself quickly tying each character with its Greek mythology counterpart.

Hammond takes great care incorporating even the smallest details from Greek myths into the foundation of his characters and I often found myself smiling with the ease as I fell into into this version of the world through Gods, Titians, and Oracles.

Cheryl S.

Wow, this book was quite a ride. The way the book started gave me the idea that it would go a certain way. When the book ended I was glad it didn't but also heartbroken by it all.

Stevie and Alex were an unlikely couple that completely captured my heart. Stevie might've been a world famous singer/musician but she was an honest, loving woman who just wanted freedom. Alex might've been an artist from the wrong side of the tracks but man, he's the type of guy you want your daughter to meet and marry.

I'd definitely recommend this book!!


A modern fish-out-of-water tangled with Romeo & Juliet.