Things are getting close with the novel! I feel that I'm on the final push- still a lot to do but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was hoping to have a complete first draft at this time, but considering all of the distractions of the holidays and picking up some unexpected work from MLB, I'm not too far off of schedule. I'm currently 38 chapters in- I have no idea how that equates to real world numbers of pages or total words at the moment, but I don't think you'll be cheated.

It's been an interesting process. While I've stayed true to the heart of the story and it will eventually reach the end I originally intended, the middle took a few unexpected turns that I would have never predicted until in the middle of writing. I have no idea if it will transcend. That's my biggest fear as writer in general- I have these great ideas, I have such a full and colorful story in my mind, but I have no idea if I'm communicating that to the reader.

I've moved forward with a lot of the legal concerning the book. Once edited, there shouldn't be much to hold up publishing.

In other news, the muses are at work and the list of other books / story ideas keeps growing. Some are fun, some are nerdy, and there is one that I think will be really good. So much so that I might take a break from the Final Book series to work on it. We shall see- I need to stop getting ahead of myself!

Yay 2014!

Oh, on a completely unrelated note- I'm sick of stock photography. Hit me up if you're artist or photographer.

Oh yeah, write anyone who will listen (congressman, senator, FCC, etc) and tell them to fix Net Neutrality. This whole thing is just crazy and blows my mind.

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