The Biggest Little City brought out the cosplay for the Reno Sands Comic Con! Big thanks to the fandom, organizers, and exhibitors of this year’s convention!

I’ll start out by saying how tired I am–today (Monday) was rough after the whirlwind weekend and long drives–but I’d do it all over again in a second. I can’t understate how warm the reception was. Wow. Serious. Reno really made me feel special! I got to meet dozens of amazing individuals and our conversations won’t fade in my memory any time soon. That’s what these shows are all about–the connection.

Speaking of which, I understand how risky it is taking a chance on an author or book you’ve never heard of. With that said, Reno took a chance on me. Thank you. The Final Book: Gods made its way into a lot of hands and that blows my mind. A few even began reading it right away and came back the next day to say how they couldn’t put it down. Those are the types of things you never imagine.

On the housekeeping side, I felt the booth was looking good and it was fun seeing all of the new buttons made by Poison & Antidote circulate through the crowd. People old and young were rockin’ Gods, SWH, and Mixtape pins–little badges of honor, haha! I loved buttons when I was younger (well, still do…) and it’s funny to think that all of the cool kids around Reno will be wearing them on their messenger bags.

Strong work, Sands Reno Comic Con! Until next year…

2017 Reno Comic Con