Editor Jim Spivey - Working Vay-Cay Studios

The DC Comics, Dark Horse, and Hachette Book Group editor extraordinaire is currently editing The Final Book: Gods.

I’m very happy—excited really— to announce that Jim Spivey of Working Vacation Studios is editing my sci-fi novel! As many of you know, getting The Final Book to this point has been a long process. Years. However, I couldn’t be more happy with the man smoothing out the edges or more excited for the future.

Jim has had a long career as an editor and has worked on countless fantastic projects. His resume is truly impressive, but more importantly he seems to be the right fit for this book. He’s a nerd in all the good senses of the word and has a passion for mythology and the unconventional. He understands good sci-fi, character development, and compelling writing in a way that I don’t—and I’m so happy he is on my team to bridge that gap.

It has been a nerve-wracking and stressful process getting the book to this point. Not only was finding Jim—someone I feel comfortable turning the book over to—a challenging process, but this is my first “real” effort at a novel. I’m new, I’m making mistakes, and I’m still consumed with paralyzing self-doubt. I know there’s strengths in the book, and I love this book dearly, but I also know there are a lot of weaknesses. I was intimidated to approach Jim with this project because he has worked on so many incredible books, comics, and games—I wasn’t sure if my writing was up to his caliber. I was also afraid that in removing some of these imperfections, the book would lose its soul.

So far, Jim has been nothing but supportive and encouraging—I think of him more as a “coach” rather than an editor. He’s tough and he has really challenged me—some things I agree with and some I don’t—but I know he’s coming from a genuine place and truly wants to make the book the best version it can be. That’s all I can ask. His keen eye and taste for successful prose is a bonus.

Jim loves good tunes, good movies, and all things fun in the underbelly of pop culture. It makes getting along with him a breeze. I’m also jealous that he lives in the Pacific Northwest—I could use some beach and trees right about now!

I’m expecting the manuscript to be returned in early August. From there, I’ll have another rewrite and cleanup to do before working towards the release.

To learn more about Jim Spivey, his projects, and services visit Working Vacation Studios.