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net neutrality

Recent legislation is changing the Internet in a way that you won't be happy with. Limited freedom of speech, limited access to pages you may want to visit, slower speeds, and a substantial price increase.

Lobbyist representing large Internet Service Providers (ISP) such as Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T have stifled a bill that would keep the internet open, free, and equal to all users (as we know it today).

As of 1/14/2014, ISP's no longer have to provide full and equal access all websites on the internet. For example, if an ISP has vested interest in a political candidate, it could block users on their network from viewing information / websites that oppose their view / candidate.

As of 1/14/2014, it is now legal for ISP's to charge specific websites for network usage (FaceBook, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube). Without websites paying a fee to the ISP's, content could be blocked, limited, or speeds slowed to the point of rendering them useless. These websites will now have to charge YOU a subscription fee or generate more ads to offset costs.

As of 1/14/2014, it will be impossible for the next entrepreneur or inventor to launch the new social platform without significant capital. Say you invent the next Twitter / Ebay / Google / FaceBook. Without paying the ISP (any fee they deem appropriate), your new website would never be able to reach the people.

The ISP- Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, etc now have the power to limit content, cripple bandwidth (slowing speeds rendering sites useless), and completely block any website from their network for any reason.

Ultimately this comes down to money. They already charge you a monthly service fee to access the internet, now they want to charge you to view the content on the network. Freedom of speech and civil liberties will only be given to the people who pay for them.

There is hope. There is a way to stop this. The FCC has the power to correct this injustice, but they need motivation to do so. They need to be encouraged, they need your support, and ultimately need to know that they will no longer have a job if they don't represent the will of the people.

Write your congressman, your senator- convince them to pressure the FCC into action. Email the Chairman of the FCC directly, Tom Wheeler, and let him know that this issue is important to you- to all of us.

Below is a letter I've written to Chairman Wheeler. I encourage you to copy and paste it, sending it to the Chairman. Manipulate a few words and send it to your Representatives as well:

Dear Chairman Wheeler,

I am greatly concerned over the court ruling of Net Neutrality. This decision could be one of the greatest abuses of freedom and free speech of the modern era. This ruling is the latest example of corporate lobbyist manipulating our judicial system purely for profit at the expense of our civil liberties.

The internet was created and based around the freedom to share information, a platform for free speech, and equality to any person that has access to it. The Revolutionary War was fought for the same principles and for a substantially smaller tax. Allowing ISP's to block or limit political points of view it doesn't agree with, charge higher rates to access content it didn't have a hand in creating, and stifling entrepreneurship and individual innovation by limiting new voices is not the will of the people.

We have a great thing- the internet is one of humanity's greatest achievements and needs to be protected. Citizens, the people, urge you to correct the course and represent us. Speak for us. Become an example that the rest of the world will follow.

Please reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service. Please be a leader in this issue and preserve the zeitgeist of our historical age.


To learn more about Net Neutrality, read the new legislation in detail, and find out more ways you can help stop this unjust loss of freedom, visit www.savetheinternet.com.

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